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Welcome to Best Business Plan website.  Here you will find free information on the best business plan, free template, online income system software review, profitable business ideas and how to make money using the internet, working from home.  The purpose of this website is to provide news, reviews and information for people looking to develop business plans or even to start their own business.  The information highlights key factors which need to be considered when thinking about new business ideas.  There are great business ideas listed on this website for you to use, which you can implement yourself and get started in setting up your own business straightaway.  Its not hard to become an entrepreneur these days as there are thousands of business ideas available on the internet and the best ways to get started is online.  It is simple, cheap and affordable. 

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What Is A Business Plan?

What is Business Plan


A Business Plan is a written document which sets out the proposed business goals, how they are attainable and the plans on how to achieve these goals.  It should also contain information about the business owners or team members, these are the people involved in the business.


The Business Plan is not a finished product, rather it is a sketch and a method outlining systematic ways the project will move forward in achieving the set goals.


The Business Plan is not a finished product, rather it is a sketch and a method outlining systematic ways the project will move forward in achieving the set goals.

Business Plans vary according to the type of business you will be starting and therefore the main contents and financial projections will vary.  However all business plans have similar principle layouts.  There is no set time in writing  a perfect business plan as  a good  business plan can take several weeks drafting and researching the key facts and variables that will determine the financial outcome.

A business plan will contain business proposal, mission statement, products or services offered, marketing plan, operational plan, management structure, start-up capital and structure, and financial plans.


Business Proposals


This should be your summary and therefore should be written at the end of your plan as here you will be summarising your business proposal, such as products or services offered your target customers, realistic projected income, realistic projected expenditure and the long term goals of your business.


Mission Statement


The mission statement should be written first as it will set out your business goals.  For example, where you business stands at present, your company ethics and how you plan to take your business into the future.


Goods or Services


In the section you will be describing whether you are offering goods or services or bother .  You will need to outline your cost structure and profit margins.  For example, the cost of logistics and net profit less net expenses.    

Competitive elements will also need to be mentioned here, such as your competitors and how you are advantaged and disadvantaged by internal and external factors.


Marketing Plan


You will need a marketing plan.  In order to do this you will need to conduct market research, both primary and secondary research.  Your marketing plan should demonstrate that your business will be profitable. 


Financial Planning


You will need a 12 month financial plan containing profit and loss forecast, a cash flow forecast, a balance sheet forecast and a break-even calculation for you business plan.  This is the most important part of you business plan, therefore, attention to detail and much research is needed in its construction.

The figures need to be as accurate as possible for profitable business success.  Many people make up these figures using guesswork, this approach is completely wrong and can backfire most times. 

You would not throwaway your money so therefore don’t make up the figures, but rather conduct real research and get real figures.


Good Business Plans


Good business plan derive from goods business ideas.  Anyone can be a thinker but not everyone is a good writer.  Therefore, if writing is your weakness, you should consider paying some professional to write up the business plan for you.


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